Halloween 2014: Giant Floating Eyeballs

We’ve been offline for a while now. Two repairs of the laptop requiring shipment back the Asus slowed our video editing efforts. Watch in amazement the 63 seconds of video above.

We last presented the Giant Floating Eyeballs back in 2009. Soon after its completion we started redesigning it, knowing we would use the idea again. It was one of our most popular displays.

Several years ago, we bought a new video projector – one that would have a 1:1 ratio throw (the image width is as wide as the distance to the screen). The projector was going to be used for another project, but we knew it was the solution to greatly simplifying the eyeball system.

By using the short-throw projector, we could get rid of the weighty mirror. The entire assembly was shortened to five feet and a plan was made to allow the entire rig to pivot on a center mount. Note the word “plan.”

The entire thing was balanced out so that the frame could move in three dimensions. There was some consideration for adding a motorized arm to push the screen to and fro in an effort to give the eyes more life. Ultimately it was decided that the wind would be enough to give a eyes motion. Bungee cords were added to make sure the thing didn’t take flight.

No one seemed bothered by the eyes looking bolted-down in the completely windless night. We’ll add a motor to version 3. And change the animation. And lower the brightness on the projector (it looked a bit blown out). 2019 will be a great year.

The response this year was as good as it was five years ago. A new crop of kids has grown up and most of the 242 kids that came to the door were able to see something shiny and new. We had a request from one parent that we wear costumes as festive as our decor. We’ll take that under advisement for next year…

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